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Attention Parents:

Don’t let bullying destroy your child’s self esteem.

Discover How To Free Your Child From Bullying With My Proven and Easy to Learn Skills in Just


You must know how to quickly help your child resolve a bullying situation, or it could destroy their self esteem and possibly lead to suicide.

  • Each day, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying.

  • Bullying is the leading factor in suicide among kids 11-16 years old.

  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied.

  • 85% of time, there is no intervention.

  • By age 24, 60% of bullies have been charged with a crime.

  • 34% (1 out of 3) of all children report being bullied regularly several times a year.

  • 86% of children aged 12-15 report bullying has interfered with their studies moderately or severely.


My name is Brett Lechtenberg and I have been teaching and training parents and children on the most effective ways of dealing with a bully for over 20 years.

If one of your children is having a problem with a bully then this program is for you. Keep reading to see all the incredible information and skills you will receive in this, one of a kind program.


If you are concerned about how to protect your kids from bullies then you need this program.


The sad truth is that bullying has been around forever and will probably never go away.

However, there is no reason your child should have to live with a bullying problem. Now you can have the easy to use, real world tools to protect your kids from bullies.

Learn the vital keys that keep a bullying situation form getting worse. 

If you dont know these things you definitely need this program.


The 2 colossal mistakes many parents make when dealing with a bullying situation.

The absolute worst thing a parent can do when dealing with a bully.

Not knowing the warning signs that your child is the target of a bully.



Learn the absolute musts EVERY Parent should know if you are to help your child conquer a bullying situation.


The Number 1 Stress Reliever for bullied children – The absolute most powerful thing you can do immediately to reduce a bullied child’s stress.

The truth about Bully Related Suicide.  The truth will surprise you.

The complete 7 Step Parenting Sequence – The easy to follow step by step sequence of exactly what to do if your child is the target of a bully.


This is the most powerful Anti-Bullying program in the world.

Bullying has become a very explosive issue over the last couple of years. We have seen more newspaper articles, awareness groups, websites, quotes, YouTube videos and movies about bullying than any time in our history. Unfortunately, nobody is giving parents and families a concrete way to deal with the problem.

Until now that is. I am going to share with you the most empowering anti-bullying program in the world for parents, children and families.

Master the parental keys for dealing with a bully.


Learn how to open lines of communication with your bullied child and your other children. A benefit that will last a lifetime.

Teach your child how to create a Dignity Shield around themselves so they know how to walk away from a bully with.

Learn the Confidence Indicators – The 3 main ways bullies pick their targets and teach your child how to control them at will.


Why I decided to make this program available to the public…

I was recently at my son’s school to talk to his teachers and pick up his homework assignments since he had been sick with the flu for about 3 days. While I was there, a father who recognized me from a newspaper article, (we will call him Jim for privacy) came up and asked if he could speak with me about a bullying problem his son was having. Of course I said “Sure”, and we stepped outside the school and onto the front steps of the building.

Jim proceeded to tell me a heart wrenching story of how his son (we will call him Eddy) was being bullied at school. A young man was constantly calling Eddy names like ‘four eyes’, intentionally bumping into him, knocking his books and school work from his hands as he walked through the halls and much more. This young man was now even cyber-bullying Eddy by spreading rumors over Facebook and harassing him through online gaming sites directly through his Xbox.

Needless to say Jim and his wife had been growing ever more concerned because Eddy no longer wanted to go to school. Eddy was stressed out about being picked on in the hallways and did not want to be embarrassed in front of his friends. Additionally, he was not sleeping well because he was stressed and embarrassed about the escalating events.

Jim and his wife were justifiably concerned for their son’s mental and physical health. As Jim continued to tell his story the emotion of the situation overtook him and he began to cry. Jim and his wife were disturbed to the point that they feared Eddy may do something drastic and possibly attempt suicide.

Of course I felt deeply for Jim, Eddy and their family for what they were going through. Being a parent myself, I have had similar worries. I have talked with so many other people who have felt the same way and been in similar situations that I wanted to give Jim’s family immediate relief. I talked with Jim and helped him organize a plan that would help him get rid of his problem once and for all.

At the end of the conversation Jim was noticeably relieved and seemed confident in his plan of action. I gave Jim my card with my cell phone number on it and asked him to please keep me posted on the situation and let me know if I could do anything else for him.

A week or so later, I got a call from a very happy and much relieved Jim. He proceeded to tell me an inspiring story of how he followed the plan I laid out for him and how he got the bullying situation under control and how it came to an end.

In short, Jim and his wife were able to take the tools and resources from the plan and transformed an incredibly frustrating, scary and stressful situation into one of peace and empowerment in only a few short days.

After this interaction I knew I had to put the steps together in a program that could be used by virtually anyone who was concerned with a bullying situation.

Here is what just a few parents have to say:

“My son, James, was being bullied continually because he had a speech impediment.  It was very painful for our family, to have him come home"

- read more

James’ Mom, Amy F.

‘‘When Serina started middle school, a girl that she had been friends with for a few years joined up with a new group of friends. They started"

- read more

Serina’s Grandmother, Christine C.

“My son Jacob had an ever increasing problem with bully’s at school and it began to effect his mood, his grades and his desire to go to school"

- read more

Jacob’s Mom, Elizabeth P.

Now you can give your children the gift of unstoppable self confidence! 

You will easily master these Empowerment Factors


Immediately help your child feel more confident about going to school.

The Personal Safety Formula - A step by step process for helping your child avoid bullies and other potential dangerous situations.

Learn how to keep your children from making the #1 Biggest Mistake kids make when dealing with a bully situation.




The tools and techniques in this one-of-a-kind program have been in use for almost 20 years and I have successfully taught my anti-bullying strategies to thousands of children in individual classes and in school wide workshops.

My approach is like a magic bullet and will take the much of the fear, stress and worry out of how to deal with a bully. This incredible program will empower virtually anyone with the steps a parent and a child need to successfully deal with a bully.

This incredible home based training could help you keep your child safe from bullies and build incredible family bonds.

This is what you will get with the

Anti-Bully Program


The Anti-Bullying Guide for Parents and Children.

This eBook, in PDF format, is the foundation for teaching   families how to successfully deal with a bullying situation.  Immediate access to the download link is provided upon purchase.

Immediate access to a comprehensive online video training library.

These 13 videos are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the book, or by themselves, to quickly and easily teach you how to handle a bullying situation.

You will also receive:


The Bully Magnification Form –This super powerful, one of a kind resource, will help you accumulate and track all the most relevant information needed for dealing with a school or daycare etc.

The Bullying Investigation Form – A no non sense resource for gathering all necessary facts from your child about what exactly is going on and who is causing the problem.

The Principal and Teacher meeting organization system. This will keep you on task when you meet with teachers and principals.

The exclusive Internet Safety Contract, specifically designed to educate you and your child on how to stay safe from cyber-bullies and other internet predators.

The comprehensive Internet Safety Checklist, that teaches common sense steps for keeping your internet secure at home.


CDC Report on Suicide, The Center for Disease Control’s own report on on how bullying relates to suicide.

If you have a child who is being bullied then click the button below and you will immediately gain access to the worlds #1 anti-bully training program for families.

 Your child will be equipped with skills to handle a bully without resorting to violence.



My 100% NO HASSLE – “I Am A Parent Too

Money Back Guarantee:



If you dont believe that this incredible program gives you a clear cut, step by step process of how to deal with a bully I guarantee your money back.


If you dont have a complete system for helping your child master the Big 3 things that determine how bullies pick their targets, you get your money back.


If you do not feel like your child learns and masters a step by step process for dealing with a bully who to go to, where to go at school and how to carry themselves, you get your  

 money back!


If for any other reason you are not satisfied just contact my customer service team and you will get your money back! No questions asked.


As you can see you have NOTHING TO LOSE and everything to gain.

With my super easy follow along system, virtually any parent can begin to implement this program within minutes after reading the book or watching the videos.

If you don’t have time to read the book or watch the videos you can log onto the resource site with your iPod and listen to the videos on your lunch break and implement the system when your child gets home from school.

You get all of this super powerful and life altering information for only $37.00.



Frequently asked questions


How long will it take to make the bullying stop?


The vast majority of situations can be addressed and begin to come under control in 3 days or less. That being said, the reality is that there is no specific answer because no two situations are exactly the same. However, you will start to feel better as soon as you begin to use the material because you will have not only knowledge, but a plan of action.


What if my child is not being bullied but I am concerned they might be in the future?


The materials will work even better! The best way to prevent bullying is to follow the step by step process with your child before there is a problem. The fact that you will empower them with so much easy to use and effective information will dramatically reduce their chance of being the target of a bully.


What if I cant watch the videos/read the book/listen to the audio?


The material is given to everyone in a super simple download process. You will access to 3 versions of the program so you can absorb it in whatever way is easiest for you. If you are reading this web page then you can access the material and begin to use it right away.


Why does it cost $37.00?


Obviously, I could charge substantially more for this product and the price will probably go up in the future. However, I want to help as many children and families as possible and help build our children’s futures. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of helping families and this is one more enormous step.


What if its not worth it?


Just think about it like this. If you went to a therapist for help with your child it would cost at least $150 per hour and the chances that they have actually ever helped someone in a real life situation is pretty small. I teach personal and family safety as a profession and I have helped tons of people with bullying and other problems. This is an investment in your family’s safety and confidence and has a proven track record. I believe you will get way more value than $37 but if you don’t, you get a FULL REFUND.

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