“My son Jacob had an ever increasing problem with bully’s at school and it began to effect his mood, his grades and his desire to go to school.  With the help of Brett and his program Jacob is more confident and is much better able to deal with problems and people who are mean to him. “
Jacob’s Mom, Elizabeth P.
‘‘When Serina started middle school, a girl that she had been friends with for a few years joined up with a new group of friends. They started spreading mean rumors about Serina at school. They also cyber-bullied her and sent her mean / vulgar texts that made Serina feel worthless and depressed. One day they were walking home and they took a “short cut” and ditched Serina in an unfamiliar neighborhood where she was completely lost and she did not have a phone or any way to get help. She wandered around for a while until she luckily found a place that she recognized and was then able to walk home.  Thanks to the anti-bully program Serina is a totally new young lady.“
Serina’s Grandmother, Christine C.
“My son, James, was being bullied continually because he had a speech impediment.  It was very painful for our family, to have him come home from school to find out he had been pushed down in the parking lot by the buses or teased because he could not talk like the other kids.  Brett’s program changed my son’s life and we could not be happier. “
James’ Mom, Amy F.